9 Gemstones (Navratnas) & Wearing Methods

As per astrology, there are 9 planets and all of them
diamond online play a sizable function within the existence of a individual. Therefore, that allows you to obtain the high-quality effects which might be being provided by those extraordinarily green planets, someone can undertake one of a kind gems as in step with their affiliation with their corresponding planet.

Precisely, there are navratna gem stones in correspondence with 9 planets and every of them includes unique characteristics to provide to the ascendants in their respective planets. However, which will achieve the blessings this is being furnished via those planets.

A character ought to know those crucial information like which gemstones relate to which planet, what ought to be the best weight of the stone to be followed, in which steel the stone needs to be embedded, finger in which the stone desires to be fixed and what is the right time of subscribing this stone? Thus, a good way to receive the answer to all of your questions, study the following article.

Name of the Nine Planets And Respective Gemstone
Names of the nine planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu.

These are the listing of all nine planets. These also are respected as being as “Navratnas”. Let’s see which gemstone is suitable for which planet among all nine planets.

1. Planet Sun:
Sun is taken into consideration as ‘King’ amongst all of the 9 planets. It is via the purpose of the solar is the only source of electricity inside the sun gadget.

Ruby Gemstone (Manik):
Ruby Gemstone is a valuable gemstone of Lord Sun. This ruby gemstone comes in Dark red to mild purple shade. It represents authority, dignity, boldness, commanding power, braveness and sort-hearted.

Astrologers basically advocated wearing ruby gemstone to the ones men and women whose sun is not right in their horoscope or is affected by maleficent planets.

If the planet Sun offers proper results in some one’s horoscope, Then he/she need to wear a ruby gemstone to boom the power of planet Sun.

Natural Ruby four.8CT (8 Ratti)
Natural Ruby Gemstones

Purification and Activation of Gemstone:For Purifying and activation of ruby gemstone, first off dip the hoop in milk, honey and natural water for 20 to 30 min so that each one the negativity is washed away.

Burn incense sticks and pray to the God Sun to bless you along with his abundant blessings and recite mantra ॐसूर्यायनम:

Minimum Weight Of The Ruby Stone: To get an awesome end result, One should wear stone in line with body weight (For 10Kg body weight need 1 Ratti). Cheap and horrific gems can produce malefic effects.

Finger To Wear Ruby Stone: An individual ought to put on ruby stone or Manik Ratna at the ring finger of the proper hand.

Metal: Make in gold or Copper ring to get suitable effects.

Day To Wear Ruby Stone: The ruby gemstone need to be worn on Sunday morning most probable throughout the (Shukla Dasha).

Time To Wear Ruby Stone: The ideal time to put on a ruby gemstone, the first hour of the day (after dawn).

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2. Planet Moon:
Moon indicates peace and quietness of the mind. It denotes the mother and coronary heart of a person.

Pearl Gemstone (Moti):
Pearl Gemstone is appeared to be the gemstone for Planet moon. It is being said that sporting pearl stone eliminates the malicious effects of the moon and get rid-off a person from despair and gloom, preclude his/her mind in the direction of positiveness and builds his/her popularity in society.

Fresh Water Pearl
Fresh Water Pearl

Purification and Activation of Gemstone:For Purification and activate the Pearl gemstone, Dip the hoop into Gangajal or cow milk at the least 10 to twenty min before carrying. Recite the mantra “ॐसोंसोमायनम” or “Aum Chandraya Nama”.

Minimum Weight Of The Pearl Stone: One should put on stone according to body weight (For 10Kg body weight want 1 Ratti). Cheap and terrible gemstones can produce malefic effects.

Finger To Wear Pearl Stone: The pearl stone ring need to be worn at the little/ring finger of the operating hand.

Metal: Make your pearl ring in Silver or gold. But most of the people make their ring in silver metallic.

Day To Wear Pearl Stone: The pearl stone need to be worn on Monday most effective.

Time To Wear Pearl Stone: To ensure the increase houses of pearl stone. It ought to be worn in the first hour of the day (after sunrise)

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3. Planet Mars:
Mars is the ferocious red coloration planet that signifies courage, willpower, anger, cruelty, self-willpower, bodily power.

Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga):
According to astrology, purple coral gemstone represents Mars (Mangal) planet. Red coral found under a seawater depth of 500 Feet within the shape of leafless trees. Most of the human beings put on this stone for Manglik Dosh due to the fact it’s far believed that wearing crimson coral may additionally assist to nullify the Manglik Dosh.

The red coral stone preserves the wonderful powers emitted by means of the planet Mars inside it. It can make certain concord in married lifestyles. If Mars is susceptible in a horoscope, it’ll denote many diseases like- indigestion. Stomachs, fever, smallpox, loss of energy level, boils acidity, etc. You can put on crimson coral gemstone to curing these sicknesses.

Red Coral Gemstone
Red Coral Gemstone

Purification and Activation of Gemstone: For Purification and prompt the coral, Firstly dip your coral ring in Gangajal or Un-boiled milk 10 to 20 min for energizing the Gem with the prescribed mantra “ॐअंअंगारकायनम”.

Minimum Weight Of The Coral Stone: One ought to put on stone in keeping with frame weight (For 10Kg bodyweight want 1 Ratti). According to astrology, Italian Coral gives you the pleasant effects.

Finger To Wear Coral Stone: It have to be worn on the ring finger of the proper hand.

Metal: It ought to be studded with gold or copper ring.

Day To Wear Coral Stone: On Tuesday morning (Shukla Paksha).

Time To Wear Coral Stone: The nice time to wear crimson coral stone the first hour of the day (after dawn).

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4. Planet Mercury:
The planet mercury indicates wit, mind, love, training, business, and fortune. Therefore someone whose delivery planet is mercury must wear this gemstone. This planet is stated to be “planet of affection” or “prince of planets”.

Emerald Gemstone (Panna):
Emerald is a valuable green shade gemstone belongs to the beryl family and in astrology, it represents Planet Mercury. By wearing emerald gemstone offers whole peace of mind by growing the level of tolerance. It also generates a higher expertise inside the circle of relatives for harmonious relationships. Emerald possesses top notch recuperation powers to enhance blood flow and manage sicknesses like allergies, diarrhea, ulcers, and stammering. It relieves insomnia and negativity from the thoughts.

Natural Emerald Gemstone
Natural Emerald Gemstone

Purification and Activation of Gemstone: For Purification and activate the emerald, dip the emerald ring in Gangajal or un-boiled milk for 10- 20 min to energize the gem with prescribed mantra ॐबूबुद्धाय नम:

Minimum Weight Of The Emerald Stone: Generally, One ought to put on stone in keeping with body weight (For 10Kg body weight want 1 Ratti). Zambian and Colombian emerald gemstone provide accurate effects.

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