Tiger Woods In April 1997, Woods began a trajectory that led him directly to the top of this list.

In spite of the fact that he made his notoriety at The Masters — and made the competition what it is today — it was the 1960 U.S. Open that genuinely caught the King at the golfingfanatics.net pinnacle of his forces. The leaderboard on that last day incorporated a plump 20-year-old beginner named Jack Nicklaus. It incorporated a legend — the Hawk, Ben Hogan. The third individual from this notable trio lit a cigarette, followed to the tee of the 318-yard, standard 4 first gap at Cherry Hills and drove the green on his way to a notable last cycle 65, deleting a seven-stroke deficiency for the best rebound in Open history.

The Palmer File

• 60 PGA Tour wins

• 7 Major Championships

• 4-time PGA Tour cash champ

• first PGA Tour mogul

• 15 continuous years with in any event one triumph

3. Sam Snead

In the event that triumphant is the standard for deciding greatness, there is no more prominent player in golf history than Sam Snead. Utilizing a smooth, sweet swing that looked as characteristic and easy as breathing, Slammin’ Sammy won more golf competitions than some other player — an amazing aggregate of 82 PGA Tour titles, and somewhere in the range of 135 to 165 triumphs around the world, contingent upon whom you inquire. He posted successes in four distinct decades, from the 1936 West Virginia Closed Pro to the 1965 Greater Greensboro Open (his eighth title in that occasion), when he was 52 years of age.

Snead won three Masters, including a 1954 season finisher triumph over companion and opponent Ben Hogan. He won three PGA Championships and a British Open.

There is one opening in the Slammer’s resume that keeps him from marking a real case to being the best player ever. By one way or another, Snead always lost the one competition that apparently ought to have been his by claim. He always lost a U.S. Open. Be that as it may, his close lamentable disappointments at the Open don’t decrease his achievements.

His swing was such an effective gadget, that it served him very much into his brilliant years and remains the best quality level for golf swings. In 1979, he offered golf fans one last look at his significance, as he turned into the main player to score underneath his age, shooting 67 and 66 in the Quad Cities Open at 67 years old. By at that point, and for an amazing remainder, Snead was a cherished envoy and promoter for the game.

The Snead File

• A record 82 PGA Tour wins, spreading over 1936 to 1965

• Seven significant titles, including three Masters and three PGA Championships

• Oldest player to win, make a cut and shoot his age in PGA Tour history

• Posted top 10s in studies five unique decades

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